Future of Digital Illustration

Though we didn’t predict that illustration would come up to such great limitless extents, the future holds much more than what we can think of!

As we said, illustration was a less known concept in the early days. Today, illustration has occupied major of the work force, with the intervention of digital technology. If you think about the future of this, we can say that it’s getting more physical, more like a craft work, 3D tasks occupying more space!

They are also becoming more immaterial in exploring the opportunities of creativity, on the internet and on tablets that give more exposure and edge to these subjects.

Technologies are converging continually and hence clients marketing to converge on differing communication channels and platforms. But, at the same time, consumer’s interest has doubled up and they expect to find unique contents and ideas across the media. So, we term it up as a Diverging culture that alters the content flows into the media and the altering behaviours of the audience.

Social media users don’t like to see re-hashed content but want to see bespoken content that is made especially for the small screen users like the mobile addicts.