Talking about this subject, we are often reminded of artists with pencil, paper, coffee on the hand, thescanner at the corner and few other imaginative objects.

But, talking in the real scenario, we aim tohighlight the real hardware tools that help to achieve the product result. The tools that help you complete your art work, digitally. This yet involves the need of your hands to be more productive.

So, here we are to give you tips about what tools will help you do your task efficiently and that fits in your pocket too.

  • Computer: A desktop or a Laptop, or even a Tablet that is needed for handy uses.
  • Graphics tablets and stylus
  • Software for illustration and graphics, not for painting, like Corel Painter which is available for both Mac and PC.
  • Digital painting brushes.

Using the Drawing tab and pen:

To create the perfect artwork, just like the coordination between the brainand hands, you must have a correct coordination between your digital software and the hardware like tab or PC.

Tablet adds anadditional level of detailing to the illustration. It provides control and precision to the project and gives you expressive brushstrokes that are needed to bring thecanvas to life. Apart from this, it also adds pressure sensitivity to stylus to mimic the look and feel of a real brush.