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Illustration means expressing views, concepts and thoughts in a form that can be understood by people, like using art forms, visuals, audio formats etc. but, mostly art and visual forms are the most used ways to express the ideas.

Digital illustration involves the use of tools, to generate the art form from the artist’s hands. It involves an interface that translates this movement into a digital display format. This method involves using a digital stylus on a digital canvas; to get the illustration or learn more on a style, it is best to use photo editing tutorials.

Brief about history:

In the earlier days, before the onset of adigital era, life wasn’t the same, especially thelife of an illustrator, wasn’t the same! It was completely straightforward. There was no Bill Gates, no Google, No Photoshop and internet. Life was little easy, but the job was quite tough.

There were no mobile phones to reach the person or the job giver. The communications were mainly via the landline. If a person happens to miss the call by the studio folks, then chances are that you might miss the offer!

Illustrator’s life was really tough, as the only way to fetch job was via personal job hunting. The applicants would need to be present in person, and a call would be placed to their respective landlines upon selection, or the name would be displayed in the workplace.